5 ways to organize your wardrobe like a pro

5 ways to organize your wardrobe like a pro

Have you ever opened your wardrobe before going out somewhere and thought you had nothing to wear, or have you come across a shirt or a pair of jeans you completely forgot you had? Yes? That’s exactly what happens when your wardrobe is not organized.
Here are some simple yet efficient steps to organize your wardrobe:

1. Just empty that wardrobe

Take out every single thing from the closet, look at each item of clothing and ask yourself: Have I worn this in the past year? If yes, keep it. If not, ask why? Is it torn? Then fix it or throw it out. Doesn’t fit you anymore or you just don’t like it anymore? Then donate it. Charity begins at home!

2. The more you look, the more you find

Now that you have everything out of the wardrobe, time to put them back. But, you don’t want your precious clothes getting lost in the dark corners of your wardrobe.
So, here’s what you can do:

In drawers, put clothes in a horizontal stack than a vertical one. And on shelves, do it vertically. By doing this, you have a perfect view on every colors and styles you own. More colors, more choices! But what about jeans and trousers?

3. Don’t be a browser for a trouser

We agree, folding trousers in any kind of stack does not make sense if you seek space. So, hangars to the rescue! But how to avoid creases on trousers when they are hung? Hold your trousers by their hem on either side of the hangar, fold one side over the crossbar of the hangar, then the other over it.
Next up is how to arrange your shoes.

4. Put your heart and soul into arranging those soles

If you had any shoes kept in the wardrobe, don’t put them back in there, and instead move them to a shoe rack. Invest in some good shoe trees and put them in the shoes before you arrange them in the shoe rack. Shoe trees help the shoes retain their original shape, they can smoothen creases from surface of the leather, and cedar wood absorbs moisture and reduces odour from the shoes.

5. Set yearly reminders for a wardrobe audit!

After you’re done with all these steps, make sure you repeat this process every year. If not, you’ll go back to the same old unorganised wardrobe and STILL stay in the notion that you have nothing special to wear.

If something’s clean – be it a wardrobe or a desk – it makes you feel like your life’s sorted, it helps you realise what’s missing and what exactly you need to go buy right now. So go forth and organize your wardrobe like a pro, and rock a fresh look every day!

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