The 10 Shoe Commandments for a Gentleman

The 10 Shoe Commandments for a Gentleman

Choice of footwear and how it’s taken care of are two important aspects of being a gentleman. You shall own the right pairs, you shall treat them with care and you shall wear the right one at the right time. Here are the 10 most important rules of gentlemen’s footwear:

1. You shall have at least two pairs of formal shoes – one in black and one in brown, a pair of casual shoes and a pair of sneakers for your workout.

2. You shall wear black shoes only with black, grey and blue suits, so that when you feel a bit adventurous and break this rule, it’ll be extra kickass.

3. Your shoes shall always be darker than your suit when wearing formals.

4. You shall always shine your own shoes.

5. You shall invest in a quality shoe tree to ensure your shoes retain their shape.

6. You shall always use a shoehorn while putting on your shoes.

7. You shall clean your shoes with a dry cotton cloth before polishing them. Use a welt brush to get rid of the dirt.

8. You shall not put too much polish on your shoes, but make sure to give it a nice rub and you shall not wear them immediately after polishing, let it dry for a while.

9. You shall not wear the same pair every day. Give them a couple of days off once in a while.

10. You shall not spend your hard-earned money on cheap shoes, you shall always remember quality shoes last longer.

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