What Exactly Is Menaissance and Why You Should Be a Part of It

What Exactly Is Menaissance and Why You Should Be a Part of It

A new definition of masculinity is constantly developing, and rightfully so. Stereotypes are being broken every minute, and the definition of what it means to be a gentleman is becoming increasingly ambiguous. Men have to forge a new path forward, a renaissance if you will, or to be more precise, a Menaissance!

So, who is a Menaissance man?

– Someone who understands and respects tradition without being regressive.
– Someone who holds himself to a higher standard when it comes to how he presents himself.
– Someone who earns respect and power by being extraordinary; in knowledge, sense of morality and style.

From his hairstyle to his shoes, everything matters to the Menaissance man.

He knows the importance of possessing a well-fitted suit. He knows the hairstyle that would go with that suit and he knows the type of shoe that compliments and completes his outfit!

Yes, it sounds complicated and like a lot of work. But with a little effort- highly achievable. And if you are indeed a Menaissance man, making that effort would be a piece of gluten-free cake. You just need to keep these in mind:

1. Buy things that fit you. Not a size higher, not a size lower. You are not seven and shopping with your mom. You want to take it up a notch? Go to a tailor. Be in control of your outfit.

If you are shopping for a shoe, go to a place where they know what they are selling. At Ruosh stores, our style associates are fully equipped with the knowledge of footwear. Talk to them, tell them your needs, listen to their suggestions, enquire about the craftsmanship, the design, the effort, the story. This brings us to…

2. Know what you wear. What you wear is a reflection of your personality. So try to gain more knowledge about the things you buy; where did they come from, what’s the story behind them, is there a story behind them. Do you know the effort behind crafting that leather shoe of yours? Do you know that the design you see is unique to only that one pair of shoe? Well, you should.

3. Old-school can be supercool. The whole point of Menaissance is to go back to our roots and reinvent. This means taking a lot of the things you consider old-school and just owning it. Just because it’s old-school doesn’t mean it’s not cool. Whether or not it is, depends on how you pull it off. So be confident about your choices and be unapologetic.

Menaissance is a revolution and something every gentleman should be a part of. So what are you waiting for? Join the revolution!

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